It was nearly three months ago on August 2, 2001, when the Chicagoland area experienced great difficulties, as rainwater engulfed numerous homes and businesses of residents leaving basements flooded. On local television channels, motorist could be seen abandoning their vehicles on the highways as rain continued to pour and flood levels continued to rise. Among those affected by the flood on the city’s southwest side was C.R.O.E. (Coalition for the Remembrance of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad).

C.R.O.E. is an archival library dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the history of the Nation of Islam. In a building adjacent to the library, the organization owns and operates a television studio and editing facilities. Severely damaged in the flood was one of the fully equipped edit suite, along with tapes, pictures and other archival memorabilia. Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley and Illinois Governor George Ryan declared the flood a national disaster, and petitioned the Federal government for funds to relieve those who suffered. Unfortunately the petition was denied by FEMA.

The organization sought to file an insurance claim with its insurance carrier to cover the items lost in the disaster, only to find this request too had been denied. Disappointed but not defeated, the organization sought out those whom it deemed to have serviced and built meaningful friendships over the past 15 years - seven of which the organization has committed itself to bringing the black community in particular and the public, groundbreaking news and vital information via the nine television shows produced out of its studio.

In the following weeks, the Final Call and Chicago Defender newspapers wrote articles informing the public of the plight of the organization. In addition to using its own broadcast, the founders of C.R.O.E., Halif Muhammad, Shahid Muslim, and Munir Muhammad, appeared on "Straight Talk", hosted by W.L. Lillard, explaining to viewers the substantial amount of damaged caused by the flood.

As news of the incident circulated throughout Chicago and people began to learn of this unfortunate incident, many responded favorably. Black professionals particularly within the law and business community sent donations and letters of encouragement for us to continue on. The contributions of supporters along with the astute negotiating skills of Business Manager, Munir Muhammad, has enabled C.R.O.E. to negotiate and re-purchase the vast majority of the equipment lost in the flood in August and is on the road to recovery.

The organization would like to thank all the members and supporters of C.R.O.E., for their contributions, monetary, etc... The tremendous outpour of support received is a testimony to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, when he promised his followers they would have friendship in all walks of life; and no friend has been as helpful as the friendship of Allah himself (who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad).